Relocating can be a complete minefield when it comes to the 101 things that will need sorting in both the country you are leaving and the country you are planning to move to for your new job, (which you may or may not have already secured). So, there’s a lot to think about and arrange.

Kim, our new Sales Recruitment Consultant, has recently relocated from Dubai for her position here at TMRG to work in the new Sales Recruitment Division. So she wanted to share her advice from her own recent experience. Here’s what she said:

First and foremost, my biggest bit of advice would be, start early! As soon as you know when and where you are relocating to, here is a few pointers I would highly recommend getting on top of:

  • Revisit your CV! Your CV is key and whether its been 2 months or 20 years since you last looked at it – look again. Think about the type of role you are looking to secure and make sure that is demonstrated in your skills and achievements on your CV. If you have found the role you want, tailor your CV to ensure it ticks off everything they’re looking for. Think of your CV as your shop window, it’s the first opportunity you get to stand out to your future employer, so make it count. Keep it relevant, professional and don’t be afraid to include any relevant accomplishments, no matter how small you think they are. Never sell yourself short.
  • Think about your commute. Look at where you are relocating to and think carefully about how far you are happy to commute each day for work. This is something that you don’t want to regret later, as commuting can be tiring. This is a pretty crucial factor to ensure you are searching roles relevant to you.
  • Speak to a recruitment specialist! Recruitment agencies are specialised in finding candidates their next roles, don’t be afraid to call on the experts, they are there to help. Recruitment specialist have access to jobs before they are on the market, a large network of contacts and are there to help you every step of the way. Including relocating. Look for agencies that specialise in your area of expertise and give them a call! A small phone call could land you your dream role.
  • Stay in touch, communication is key when relocating, you need to keep all communication open with all parties in both the country you are leaving and the country you are moving too. In the majority of cases a face to face interview will be needed before employment is confirmed. So when you know the date you are arriving in your new location, let your recruitment consultant know, so interviews can be arranged for when you are back.

And lastly, don’t forget the important paperwork; make sure if you have a visa for the country you are currently in that you know, and are aware of the procedure you need to go through to get this cancelled in the right way and if you need a visa for the country you are moving too…check if there is anything you need to do to aid this process and make it a smooth transition. Make sure any bank accounts and liabilities in your exit country are settled and closed, you don’t want any surprises further down the line.

Your next adventure awaits, go get it.

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