Time flies when you’re having fun!

April 1st 2019 – Day one.

My first day at TMR was filled with nerves, as any newbie would be going into a new role, however, after arriving I was made to feel so welcome and those nerves went away very quickly and I was soon living, learning and understanding the world of recruitment.

I started speaking with candidates relatively quickly and I noticed that my previous marketing experience came in to play and became very useful as I was able to relate and understand on a personal level after doing the role myself. After speaking with candidates, I was able to understand how and where they would fit in to an organisation both culturally and professionally. These phone conversations soon turned into face to face interviews with candidates and clients as I started to be able to put the skills I had learned into play.

The team of people I work with at TMR Group are one of a kind. There is a lot of laughter in the office – we work on a work hard play hard ethos, however, within my first week it was clear that my fellow recruiters/colleagues are a competitive bunch – my MD being by far the worst culprit. Therefore, my first challenge was to beat his record of making a placement within my first 6 weeks … I did it in 4! This felt really positive and there is no feeling like it.  I knew the client and candidate were well suited and I was the sense of achievement that I could match them together was like no other.

I particularly enjoy talking to different people every day, I am given the autonomy of choosing the clients I’d like to speak with as well as candidates. When speaking to candidates of differing levels it adds variety to my day as one call may involve a graduate looking for their first role in marketing and the next call will be someone who has 20+ years of experience. I have to say I learn something new from every person I speak with which is great for me and I think part and parcel of being a recruiter that you are always learning.   In turn, this has been helpful in a personal sense as I have noticed the way I adapt the way I speak to people on a day to day basis – I have also become more inquisitive than I previously was which is part and parcel of the role.

My advice for any new recruiter would be: prepare to work hard and put the hours in, as like any role if you put in the hard work and effort you will reap the rewards – there is no feeling like it when you make a placement!

Out of work I love to challenge myself in all sorts of sports – I also love to travel. Before I joined TMR Group I went on a whistle stop tour of Bali by myself which was liberating! The photograph I have chosen has some special memories for me – and I really feel it represents how I feel about being a recruiter!

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