I recently decided to do the Sutton Fun Run (fun is a term that I use very loosely because it is hard, and not fun for me).  This “fun run” which is 8.5 miles or 14km, might not sound very far to some, however to me it’s the equivalent to running to the moon and back!   I am definitely not a runner, let me stress NOT a runner. I’m against running…never before have I undertaken this activity however, being challenged by my nearest and dearest, I had to accept (as I am very competitive) I want to prove I can succeed. However, right now I’m deeply regretting it!!

My brain is not trained to run. I have only ever ran for 2 things if a horse is loose or if there’s a freebie in sight!  I am a keen horse rider and enjoy competing, however the difference is it’s a solo sport and you train and then your competition is around 4 – 5 minutes maximum!  That’s how long my concentration is for – I have had to retrain my brain to stay focused for over an hour and a half which has been a real struggle, on top of this I’ve started running in a group and I’ve had to accept I can’t always be at the front or the best, accepting that sometimes I am at the very back has been hard work, to not give up to keep going even if I’m not going to win – I’ve always thought if you’re not going to win what’s the point – the point is to push yourself out of your comfort zone, to accept not winning but competing and taking something from that, to honour your body in the fact of what it’s actually capable of also to know what your mind is capable of, that even when everything in your body is telling you to stop, your mind can overcome that and pull you through…

So, my lessons learnt:

I have changed my focus from my pain and dislike of running to focus on achieving something that will benefit others which I find in my moments of delirium keeps me going – please support me if you can any amount is gratefully received to ensure that I succeed and can support my three charities.

For now, it’s ok to not be first, it’s ok to not be fastest – I have not failed, I’ve actually succeeded because I did something that I knew I wasn’t good at and I’ve given it 100%, I haven’t turned into Millie Macintosh (this is unfortunate , I thought if I ran I would ultimately have her body) but I have so much more respect for it and I’m happy with those two things – I just have the run left to do!

If you could support me and the charities I am running for, it would make it all worthwhile, make the shin splints bearable, feeling like my lungs are about to collapse, the 6 am runs before work and running after work all worthwhile!





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