From Tiny Acorns Grow Mighty Oaks…

18 months ago, I made a fundamental error in posting my CV on Reed.  Within minutes, I received an email from Jo Faria from The Marketing Recruitment Group asking if I would be interested in discussing an opportunity that she had within her business.  I went to email her back and thought, actually I will call her as she had taken the time to message me and highlight to me that I had posted my CV on line, I thought that was the least I could do even though I was not interested in changing jobs.

After calling Jo to apologise for incorrectly posting my CV on Reed, Jo encouraged me to meet for coffee and an informal chat.

It was clear quite quickly that the role Jo had was not right for me as I had no desire to do marketing recruitment and my interest was firmly with Sales.

After keeping in touch, several more meetings and a presentation, 6 months later the Sales Division was born and I joined The Marketing Recruitment Group.

What happened next?

Everything was thrown in the air, rebranding, name changing, marketing department, administration department and Team Sales!  The Marketing Recruitment Group became TMR Group with a specialist Sales Division and a specialist Marketing Division.

Now we are now 1 year old and due to our amazing success, we now have 4 Sales Consultants and we continue to grow…

I work with a fantastic team of Directors and Consultants and without them, this would not have been possible, long may we continue to grow, develop and succeed!


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